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Imagine you can only see through a straw. And, you are deaf. Scary, isn't it? For children and adults with Usher syndrome this is a reality and not an experiment. 

Help Henry See and Hear is 501 (c) non-profit that supports individuals and families affected by Usher Syndrome. We support research, provide information, support and social opportunities for those who are deaf and blind due to Usher Syndrome. Our goal is to not only help Henry but to help every man, woman and child who is losing their sight to Usher Syndrome.

July 20, 2014

2nd Annual Help Henry See and Hear Family Event

In 1 day YOU raised $21,000!

Here is how Help Henry See and Hear is honoring its Mission Statement:

$2,500 went to Utah State University to train a credentialed Intervener

$4,449 went to the Usher Syndrome Coalition to support

Usher Syndrome Research

$2,200 is going to Henry's Intervener for 3 weeks of camp in August so he has complete access (1 week at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge and 2 weeks at Liberty Lakes Day Camp - BOTH camps offered scholarship to Henry so he can attend!)

$440 is going towards sending 2 siblings (one Hard of Hearing, 1 blind) to camp at Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge


The remaining funds will be used to plan our next




Well, Jack Dunning created Stink Week for the Decibels Foundation, member of the Usher Syndrome Coalition, to 'Make a Stink about Hearing Loss'. The Decibels Foundation is sharing this campaign to help us make a stink about Usher syndrome, the most common cause of combined deafness and blindness. Our Awareness Campaign about Usher syndrome is slated for one week in November.

Stay tuned for more information.

Of course, we have already begun planning our 3rd Annual Help Henry See and Hear Family Event so stay tuned for updates!


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